Uber Realty


Our Mission 

We created Uber Realty for a singular purpose – to provide a hands on, personalized, present and focused representation for our clients that concludes with the most favorable financial result possible. That means, you end up with a higher dollar amount from the sale of your home due to our approach to fees. 

Our Belief 

Home prices increase over time, but our role is the same regardless of how much money people offer on a property. So we set our fee based on the quality of representation we provide rather than being contingent on the price of the home – something that happens outside of our control. We believe this provides our clients the outcome we would hope for if we were the ones selling our home. 

Our Promise 

You will never wonder where I am, what I’m doing or why you haven’t heard from me. We are highly responsive and one step ahead at every stage of the transaction. 

Your home will be shown at its best to ensure you receive better offers and more of them. If something needs to be done, it will get done precisely when it needs to be done.

The People behind Uber 

I’m Jim. Together with my wife Donna, we have been transacting real estate for clients for 18 years. We’ve sold hundreds of homes and built a reputation of excellence based on our commitment to detail, personalized representation, knowledge of the process and desire to please and fulfill expectations. 

For questions, requests or if you just want to chat 850.499.2940 

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